The Challenges

Yamaha XV950 by MotoHero Yamaha’s Yard Built program may prove to be the tuning fork brand’s most successful marketing venture in its 129-year history. More than that, it’s directed a spotlight onto some seriously talented fabricators and motorcycle visionaries from all over the world.

The latest Yard Built project is setting our spidey-senses tingling. It’s called Speed Iron and it’s a XV950 Tracker from Moto di Ferro of Venice, Italy. Builder Marco Lugato and his team have roots in off-road riding, track racing, blacksmithing and industrial design, and describe their goal in a very Italian way: “Making motorcycles designed to do what they want them to do, and say what they feel like saying.” One look at this XV and we’re pretty sure it shouts “Uscire dalla mia strada!” (Get out of my way!)

Transforming Yamaha’s factory bobber into a street tracker style is no easy feat, and the Moto di Ferro team has done an absolute bang up job. We’d love to share more with you at this point, but consider this an appetizer—the main course will follow in a couple of weeks.

Project Information

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