The Challenges

There’s a tasteful elegance to the builds coming out of Twinline Motorcycles. The Seattle-based shop thrives on clean, minimalist construction with an emphasis on performance. Their latest experiment with an oil-burner, a 1973 Yamaha RD350, exudes this to a tee.

This isn’t the first time that Twinline has turned the spanners on an RD, but it is the first time Jeff Pochodowicz has been at the build’s helm. To set this 2-stroke apart, Jeff aimed to maximize performance and reliability while refining every detail to the nth degree. A tall order, to be sure, but we’d say he nailed it.

Woodcraft clip-ons sit atop the Racetech-equipped forks, and shocks from Works Performance keep the polished alloy swingarm planted. The already lightweight bike was given a racers diet and muscle injections, too: The airbox and OE oil tank are gone and the engine’s been ported with Super Webco heads attached.

Project Information

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