The Challenges

This bike, untouched by our hands, came to our shop as a tired & neglected ‘96 Ducati 900 SS/SP (Sport Production) with an insipidly boring white paint job.  We at BCR love working on Hondas & Yamahas from the ‘70s, but an increase in demand has caused the price of these bikes to rise greatly since we started this business ten years ago.  Thusly stated, we felt the need to branch out of our comfort zone & against the current of the mainstream.  We found this bike online with a couple of scratches, a missing bottom, butchered wiring, & the aforementioned grisly white paint job; a few minor setbacks easily overlooked by the fact that the bike was actually running & running well.  The motor was strong & the exhaust screamed euphoniously with the bike’s only real drawback being its atrocious lack of visual appeal.  Luckily this bike was cheap – far cheaper than the Honda CB750s we found listed online at the time – & after agreeing on a price with the seller, the bike was shipped & ready to be stripped.  Generally speaking, this was where the fun would begin, but due to an increase in customer orders & a lack of inspiration brought forth by the bike’s more modern (& blatantly put – ugly) natural build, this project caught the backburner for well over a year.

Scramblers & Trackers, the subject of our most recent builds, have gained heightened popularity in the past year to the extent that even big time manufacturers (e.g., Ducati, Moto Guzzi, & BMW) have cashed in on the hype with factory models in these styles.  This escalation has caused us to venture back to our stylistic roots, i.e., old school-styled British cafe racers. The cafe racer first appeared in the ‘50s with racing in mind, so the ‘90s sportsbike with factory race specifications was a perfect place for us to start.

Project Information

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